Organica Leichhardt– Winner of the 2021 Inner West Local Business Awards

Organica Leichhardt– Winner of the 2021 Inner West Local Business Awards

The Local Business Awards is the most comprehensive business awards program, covering a wide variety of industry categories and sourcing the best businesses in town. Here at Organica Leichhardt, we are proud to announce that we have been awarded Winners of the 2021 Café category.

Our Organica Leichhardt team is proud of this achievement coming out on top as the Most Outstanding Café for the Inner West Local Business Awards 2021. Our dedication and passion have shone through, and we thank the amazing local community we belong to.

Over eleven weeks, firstly we were selected as one of 21 finalists from an overwhelming number of public nominations. Being in the highly competitive Café category with over 100 participants, we’re grateful for all the support from our community and customers. Once selected, we were then judged on a strict criteria of business elements including: 

  • Business History,
  • Marketing,
  • Training for our staff,
  • Business and Environmental Sustainability,
  • Community support,

Organica Leichhardt has demonstrated business success since our opening on the 16th of June 2021. We are proud of this milestone for our brand new Café, having been open for just three weeks before an extended lockdown.

During the final stages of the award process, we were visited by an anonymous judge to be evaluated on our ability to deliver quality customer service and meet a high standard of business principles. These principles included an excellent overall presentation, product range, suitability and quality, value for money, as well as exceptional customer service.

Fondly known as Little Italy, Leichhardt is renowned for its welcoming European hospitality. Our traditional neighbourhood Café reimagined is a place where family and authentic food go hand in hand.

Our World Class Designer Paul Papadopoulos perfected the Organica Leichhardt Café to create a sense of belonging for customers within a warm, cozy, and elegant atmosphere. The generosity of our cuisine inspired by our traditional Mediterranean recipes make our customers and their loved ones feel at home.

‘Celebrating the past, embracing the future –we look forward to continuing serving our local community as the best Café in town, where you and your family create long-lasting and loving memories while dining with us.

Come in and celebrate with Organica the best Best Cafe Leichhardt with our Breakfast, Lunch and Dessert dining options at our Leichhardt location or all-day dining options including Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert at our convenient Concord location. We can’t wait to greet you and feed you.

Make a reservation at Organica or let us know if it is a special occasion to prepare your special day with us!

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